And now, we wait.


Firstly, my best friend and I finally got some things out in the air that we needed to talk about–and it was established that time away from your significant other is extremely important. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them, or that you don’t like spending time with them. It just means you’re comfortable enough to be apart.This is important because the next time by best friend is in town, I might actually get to see her.


Before I go too far, Caesar has become an “item.” Which is actually pretty exciting. But makes me and this blog hypocritical. Oops. This happened two weeks ago.

But let’s talk about my other classes since I never touched on them last week or the week before. Other than Professor Asshat and Dumbledore. My other classes are an opinion and editorial writing, government systems and politics in film. I sincerely enjoy all of them so far–but in my opinion writing class there is one guy student.


Gabe. Gabe comments on everything my professor, who is very much like the conservative version of Professor Lupin (also from Harry Potter, sorry if you missed the reference). Gabe is the biggest brown-nosing schmuck I’ve ever had the impulse of kicking in the crotch. He also agrees with everything our professor says out loud. Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop begging for an ‘A’ and just do your work, silently.

over confidence

Other than gabby Gabe, my classes are fantastic. Caesar is proving to be extremely sweet, always fun to talk to and be around. We rented movies, played video games together, and spent one of our weekend days with my parents.

Yes, it was terrifying. No, it didn’t go horribly. It was actually really fun–we went hiking, out to dinner, moved a new TV into my apartment, went to Best Buy. It was a great day. I’m starting to really like him and it’s doubly bizarre, considering I met him on Tinder. He’s actually normal and wanting the same things as me–he brought up labels two weeks ago and I told him I wasn’t worried about them and he took me, looked me in the eyes and, a little exasperatedly said, “I want you to be my girlfriend!” To which I responded, “Okay, okay, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

I might had come off as coy, but in all honesty, I was happy about it.

happy 2

Like I said, it was a great weekend. Now let’s talk about this past weekend. We spent Friday and Saturday doing what we usually do–hanging out, playing video games, watching TV. But on Saturday night we went to hang out with his people. I met his roomie, Max and their friend Jeff. Both of them were nice and kinda funny but absolute stoners. We also took a trip to Target to get Caesar some new sheets and towels (he only just moved into his new place). We had a great time running around Target, and I helped him pick out said sheets and towels.

One problem with Caesar: He’s a Jayhawks fan. So the towels we got were blue and red, the sheets (which I teased him about as we but them on his bed) are a satin-y blood red. Those were not at all my choice, and I told him that his new sheets were straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey.

high five

We also spent Sunday watching Game of Thrones. I was skeptical about it at first, based on all the things I’ve heard, but I actually like it. We’re more than half-way through the first season. We’ll see if I still like it later.

I have to say, staying at his place and hanging out with his friends was fun but.. not really my cup of tea. Like I said, huge stoners–my clothes reeked when I got back to my apartment on Sunday night. The good thing is that I’m not alone in my not liking to stay the night with Caesar rather than him being at my place. Caesar also would rather be in my apartment.


In other news, my room mates are still absolute slobs. I thought their sloth-like habits (the last time I wrote about them) were just because we were on Christmas break–and who isn’t a slob over break when you don’t have to leave the house for any reason? Oh, no. I was absolutely wrong.

I had to finally put my foot down about all of the boxes still in the living room three weeks after they moved in. I piled them all up on the kitchen table with a note that said, “Please find a home for these!”

Most of them did find a new home–the hallway outside their doors to their rooms. No, ladies, that’s not what I meant. Also, Lana’s dog is a scardie-dog-shit-head. She barks at absolutely everything, destroyed my work ID and in general, is a nuisance. Lana isn’t much better. I like her, but she’s God-awful annoying.


Didn’t do the dishes? No problem, leave them in the sink.
Wear the same tank top for two weeks straight? Sounds like a plan.
Invite tons of people over without asking? Sure thing.
Clean up after said friends when they leave? Eh, why bother.
Bills? You mean you have to pay them on time? I figured the due date was merely a suggestion.


These are all things my roommates live by. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, they’re nice. But they are absolutely irresponsible. Hopefully, if my plan to start piling all of their dirty dishes on the kitchen table works, they’ll take a hint. One can only hope.


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