Women–you can’t work with them, you can’t work without them

So, at the risk of putting too much information out there, I work at Walgreens. I got my job at Walgreens so I could see my sorority little more often–she works there too, and we’re both so busy I never get to see her.


The problem with working at Walgreens is that I work with all women. There’s like one guy who works in retail with us, but he never works the same shifts as me, and all the other guys (I think maybe two?) work on the pharmacy so I don’t see them anyway.

super smart

Before I go too far, I do not plan on or see myself working at Walgreens forever. In fact, I’ll be heading to law school in a year. Also, I do not have a lot of female friends, despite being in a sorority. I have three really, really good female friends. My best friend in Pennsylvania, my Little and a friend I haven’t mentioned before–Constance. The thing is, I don’t really like women all that much, even if I am one and love being one.

self involved

But this is not a story about my best female friends. This is about the women I work with, and working with all women in general. Working with all women is terrible. Women are catty, bitchy, dramatic–dear heavens, are they dramatic–and worst of all, two-faced.


In order to be in the good graces of women while also being a woman, it feels sometimes like you have to be a fake-ass bitch in order to get along with them.

Recently at work, I texted a few different women I work with telling them that if any of them needed a shift Monday nights-Thursday nights covered, I would sub for them. I was by no means asking for their shifts, I was only offering to work for them if by chance they needed a sub.

ya totally no

All of them told me they would definitely let me know, and two even took me up on it. Just being nice goes a long way, and I live my life by the golden rule–treat others the way you wish to be treated. No problem, right?

I hate everyone

Dead-freaking-wrong. Four days later I was sitting across from my boss who was lecturing me about asking people for their shifts. I politely explained that was not at all what I was doing, and that I had only offered to work if anyone needed a sub because I’m still new there and haven’t been given many shifts and need money. My boss, also a woman, said that my mere “offering to work” was not what she had been told, and apologized, sort of.

everything is ok

Despite being absolutely put-out, the next day I texted every single person back and said, “Hey, I just wanted to text you and tell you I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable last week when I offered to sub for you, that wasn’t at all my intention.”

All of them texted back telling me how sweet they thought I was for even offering, no problem, everything was fine, etc. EXCEPT FOR ONE.


The ONE chick who texted back bitched me out telling me I wasn’t going to get anyone to give me their shifts and that I should stick to working every weekend, blah, blah, blah. The most disappointing part was that this chick wasn’t at all who I expected to 1) tattle-tale about nothing, 2) be so completely butt-hurt about someone offering to take their shift IF BY CHANCE they didn’t want to work and 3) make such an absolute deal out of NOTHING.


I responded, “Like I said, I didn’t offer to offend you. That’s the reason I texted you today, because it’s always nice to know that someone has your back if you can’t work for whatever reason. All I was trying to do was be nice and if I was lucky, get an extra shift or two.” Her response? “K.”

Arbys and Amy

THIS IS WHY I HAVE NO DESIRE TO WORK IN A PROFESSION THAT IS MOSTLY WOMEN. Whether that be teaching, Walgreens, Daycare, etc. Women are a pain in the ass and over-analyze everything in the work place.

Now, I know I’m making a huge generalization here. I know that. So if you’re a butt-hurt woman reading this, getting ready to leave a nasty comment hoping to engage in a comment war, get your own blog.


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