Oh holy moly.

So a crap load of things have happened since the last installment about my roommates. Since the last time I posted, they had banished me from using their halloween plates and cups and I considered being petty and banishing them from using my things back.


After my Gram read my blog, she told me to take the high-road and if my Grandma says it, then I better do it. However, taking the high road did not turn out so great for me.

Apparently taking the high road was taken as a aggressive action from me–how dare I not respond with something equally immature. The next thing that happened were the nasty, degrading notes from them that bordered on harassment. So tensions rose even more between me and my roommates.

So, upon the stifling tension I decided to stay with a friend for a few days and I told her everything that was going on. My friend, having gone through a similar situation, invited me to just stay with her for the rest of the semester. After the exhausting girl-drama over the last two weeks I jumped at the chance to not have to see them.

just be nice

So my friend helped me move some of my basics out of the apartment (my blankets, a few different outfits, my laundry basket, and a few things of food from my cabinet). I left all of the clothes I couldn’t fit, my two TVs, my deep freeze, my bed, and kitchen table with chairs among other large things that I couldn’t move until the lease is up.
told off

I told my roommates this is what I was going to do, and I also told them that since I wasn’t living there I didn’t think it was fair I paid for electric, internet and water I wasn’t going to get to use. I told them I would still of course, pay rent but since the other utilities were in my name I was going to cancel my accounts and they would have a week and a half to put them in their name. Makes sense, right?

That night while I was unsuspecting and cosy in my “new home” my roommates did something diabolical. They moved my deep freeze (full of $450 with of groceries) into my bedroom and dumped all of the bathroom items and toiletries I hadn’t taken with me into the deep freeze. The left the deep freeze unplugged so all of the straight-from-alaska salmon, halibut, tilapia, chicken, ice cream, coffee, frozen pizza, pizza rolls and all the other food I had in there would thaw and mix with/ruin my make up, make up brushes, razors, etc.

on crack

I didn’t find this delightful mess until three days later when I came back to check a couple of things and grab a few clothes for the weekend. That Friday afternoon I decided it was time for me to move all of my things out and into storage with the help of my boss and friends from church.

Later, I invited my landlord over to see what happened (by then my roommates had left for the weekend) and called my parents to fill them in.


It was then decided that the best thing to do would be to take my roommates to small claims court.

suck it

Is this what I want to spend my time doing? No. Do I really just wish that this was all over? Yes, but it won’t be over until April 2nd when I leave the county courthouse. Do I wish I had never, ever signed a lease with these girls? Yes. Will I ever have roommates again if I can at all help it? God, no. But I haven’t seen or heard anything from either of them since I moved out and I have been sincerely wondering what their faces looked like when they got served with their court papers.

youre so awesome

Did I mention, I’m a pre-law and mass communications major? Yeah. The woman who helped me file at the circuit court office LOL’ed too when I told her that.

lol haters


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