An Open Letter to My Future In-Laws

Today your son sent me a song on Spotify called “Nothing For Christmas” by New Found Glory, and he said in the message with it, “Exactly how I feel. Actually reeeaaalllyyy describes time we’ve had together.”

Nothing For Christmas

Your son has never been one for words or big declarations of love. But I know when he tells me he loves me, or that I’m beautiful that he means it.


I love your son more than I ever thought I could love anyone. I have to thank you, because he wouldn’t be the love of my life if you hadn’t raised him the way you did.

I know when he sends me a song on Spotify with the lyrics, “Don’t buy me nothin, ’cause I got everything I ever wanted, it’s you,” he means it. I know when I catch him staring at me with a crooked smile that his love for me is as unwavering as his gaze. I know when words fail him he’s doing anything but failing me.

11813312_10207275753589351_1887258720778136740_nI still have to thank you because I know marriage won’t always be easy–in fact, right now might be the easiest it’ll ever be. But because you raised him the way you did I know he’ll always be my rock in any kind of bad weather. Because of you, he’s everything I ever wanted.

The past several months have been difficult for both of us–him starting his new career and trying to adjust, and me finishing college and job searching. We’ve both been stressed, tired, frustrated and lonely. But he always makes the effort, takes the time out of his day to show me how loved I am.

When I tell him that I feel like a failure, or that I’m disheartened by the lack of response I get when I send my resume and cover letter to another business for the hundredth time he tells me to do what makes me happy. I tell him I want his opinion on what to do, and he tells me he wants what is best for me. Even when I’m being impossible, he’s so supportive.


I know when we were sixteen I was that awkward, over-excited, covered-in-sparkly-makeup girl who kept showing up. I know that throughout college I am still the over-excited, less-sparkly, trying-to-figure-out-life kid who kept popping up over breaks (albeit less frequently). You probably weren’t always sure about me or if I was good for your son, but you always made me feel wanted and welcome.

When I was sixteen I didn’t have any idea that I’d be writing this to you. I love your son and you deserve so much credit for raising him to be the man he is. I can hardly wait for what the future brings not just for mine and your son’s future, but for our future as a family.

ten years


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