The Spouse Club, Navi the destroyer, and irony

My dog is an angel. Truly, an angel. She came to us either fully trained or wicked smart. Navi has yet to meet a dog, person or child who has not liked her or commented on what a sweet dog she is. Our nightly adventures to the dog park have been good not only for me (because I’ve become friends with many a dog parent), but great for her because she expends her endless energy.

Navi Gif.gif

However… My dog is not perfect. Navi has terrible separation anxiety. The second time I left her unattended, I came home to a partially eaten Breakfast at Tiffany’s dvd, a chewed Harry Potter paperback, and other items in my living room strewn about. After that it was kennel city… Until I came home to her dog bed torn all to hell. Foam and fabric everywhere–and the bone in her kennel? Untouched. Next I tried my luck with leaving her in the back yard while I went to the pool. 40 minutes, completely do-able. I came home to find her still in the back yard–success!

And then I left her in the back yard when I went to teach a 40 minute swim lesson today… and after 10 minutes of me being at the pool, my friend Bonnie showed up with her in the back seat exclaiming she had almost hit Navi. Bonnie took my damaged-goods-pup home and put her in the kennel. Alas, back to kennel city to destroy house-hold goods another day.

marley and me
Most recently, Navi has made quick friends with an English Mastiff named Admiral (his mom is a Navy wife), and a Great Dane named George. Both dogs have about 150 pounds on her each. They are massive and according to Alice, their mom,  they are socially awkward. For whatever reason, they love to play with Navi and I love to chat with Alice. Typically at the dog park while George the Great Dane is trying to fit Navi’s whole head in his mouth and Admiral is slobbering all over everything, Alice and I chat about what it’s like to be military wives at home for the first time without jobs.

I liked Alice instantly. She is teeny tiny–shorter than me and I’m 5′ 3”–and as petite as a person can get. Alice is also full of sarcasm and I often find myself covering my mouth and laughing hard at the audacious things she says. Not to be too much of a gossip, but as an example she was telling me about the Navy wives she used to know and referred to them as “sea pigs.” At first, I didn’t think I heard her correctly.


Alice and I bonded quickly over how odd it is to not be working, and how strange it feels to not have our own money. She said at first she felt like she was asking her husband for an allowance every time she went grocery shopping. I completely related to that.

But Alice, despite being as new to base as me, seems to be a social butterfly. Tomorrow I will attend my first Spouse Club meeting. It’s for coffee at the “club house” on base, and I was told people bring donuts and coffee cakes. I’m going to bring banana nut muffins. Alice, who invited me, will be there and so will my across-the-street-neighbor, Lorraine. I’m curious and excited to see what the Spouse Club brings because I like to think that there wouldn’t be a Spouse Club if it wasn’t fun. However, my friend Bonnie has told me there is a bit of drama within it and that’s why she no longer attends. I’m hoping because I’m new that most of the drama goes and stays over my head.

If my banana nut muffins speak their language, I’d say it’s a good place to start.


Now, for anyone curious about the name of my blog, “a year without searching,” it was named for a New Year’s resolution of two and a half years ago. I vowed that I would quit constantly looking for love and I would keep a diary of my adventures. Lucky for me, not too much later, love fell in my lap and I got married not long after. But while I was swimming laps the other day I got to thinking. Since I fell in love, I actually had stopped my search for love (thank goodness, right?). Since then life has certainly held a lot of adventures.

I graduated college with a better idea of who I am (even though that’s going to change a lot I’m sure), learned what it’s like to be in a truly long distance relationship (so, so hard but so worth it if you work at it), I got married (something I had no idea was even in the realm of possibility this soon), I moved out of my home state where I’ve live my whole life to Colorado (something I’ve actually always wanted but never knew how feasible it would be), I have a dog (…more interesting stories to come), and have already made some pretty incredible friends.

Moral of the story: Life is weird and kicks you in the pants. Life changes unexpectedly with no warning. Life is an underrated pleasure.

Until next time…



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