Full time work, The Force Awakens, normalcy

I’m not even sure where to begin to tell you about my new job.

When I am in the grocery store or out shopping and I can hear some far off screeching child I typically think to myself, “Children shouldn’t be allowed in public. That parent should have gotten a sitter if her child is acting like a hot mess.”


For those who don’t know, I now work as a program assistant at a Child Development Center. Based on the above statement, you might think that I should have chosen a different line of work.

But actually, I love my new job. I love it. Even the training was so interesting–and for any job the training is never interesting. I went every day excited to learn something new and ask questions and see those cute little faces.


My day in the infant room was my favorite. I am actually a little scared of babies, but this was great. Seven chunky, soft, gurgling little creatures sat or wiggled around on the floor. I was in love. I went and sat crossed legged on the floor and a few of the infants looked at me with big, curious eyes. The other teachers/program assistants chatted lightly and told me about the babies and their little personalities. I really took to one little girl named Kory. She had dark skin and a little crinkle in the corners of her eyes. She also had enormous cheeks, and a facial expression that had so much sass. Kory was dressed in a grey onesie with elephants and a little ruffle on the backside. I didn’t want to leave.


I also really enjoyed the women I’ll be working with. This was something I was very apprehensive about. I don’t have a whole lot of female friends and I really don’t care to. But on base as a military spouse… You don’t really have a choice. But I learned I don’t have much to worry about here because everyone is so sweet and funny. There was a girl I trained with, named Amber. She is 20 and got married on Sunday. Her new husband has not gone to basic yet, but will soon. Amber is a Colorado native with blonde hair and tanned skin. She is so sarcastic, and we have a lot in common. I sort of wish we had been placed in the same room so we could hang out.


The other women I have met so far are the ones I will be working with pretty closely in the toddler rooms. They are Rachelle, Stacy, Taylor and Morgan. All of them have really different temperaments which is kind of surprising, but they are all so close. I felt like I was just being inserted into a tight group of friends. Most of the women who work at the Child Development Center are military wives who have been all over–Germany is a very popular past base. This gives me hope that Alex and I will get to go there.

After my training and the little bit of work I have done, even if this is premature, I already know that I want to take part in the CDA program which is a Child Development Associate’s degree through the Air Force. It takes about a year to complete and all I have to do is apply, no extra cost. I have been thinking long term that I would like to work towards a director position or an assistant director position and the additional degree would help me get there.


It surprises me a lot that I am enjoying my job so much, but I told Alex this morning that I am already looking forward to work on Monday morning. The kids are great and so are my colleagues. I feel very fortunate for the way my life in Colorado is turning out. I told Alex earlier this week how at home I feel here, and how happy I am in this new chapter.

In other news, Bonnie and I have started a health challenge. Every month we are weighing ourselves and whoever loses the most weight in that month wins–loser has to buy pedicures. I am really excited not only for the challenge, but to get back into being healthy. Since Tuesday I am already down 5 pounds. I’m headed for a bike ride on the trail on base a bit later and then an outdoor movie at 7 with Bonnie and her hubby. The Force Awakens should be pretty neat under the stars.


Until next time….


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