Dumbfounded, The Office, and JULY FOURTH!  

I LOVE MY JOB. I without a doubt come home exhausted out of my mind and have been relying on my crockpot more than ever but it’s great. I have been really getting to know the kiddos I work with and all of them–even the particularly challenging ones–are great. This is why I’m dumbfounded. I still never would have thought that I would like working with kids.

However, there are sad things about my job too. There is one boy in my class who’s parents don’t believe in discipline because their children are “cute.” Yeah, their children are cute. All kids are cute at two years old. But the sulky expressions and constant stubbornness isn’t going to be cute forever. 

The other sad things are kids who have single parents, namely single dads. We, the teachers and classroom caregivers, don’t ever hear the story or know why there is only one parent. We just experience their child questioning why the other kids have two parents picking them up every day or why they are the last child at the center to be picked up. 

One boy in particular I met yesterday. He loved to have me read books to him even while the other kids were running around and screaming and going crazy. He just tuned them all out and loved the one-on-one attention and listening to a story. That’s the interesting thing about my job. 

Two year olds show what they need by giving a screech or copying another child who is being praised or following you around and talking to you instead of other kids their age. Some of them just want attention and to be noticed and need love. I wonder now and then if they get that at home or of they just… Need attention like anybody else. They can’t always vocalize with words what they want even if we encourage “using your words.” 

I think I like my job because I’m learning so much too. I know how to play pretend and change a diaper, but I’m learning how to be patient and teach patience. I’m learning how to love and comfort little humans that have no relation to me. I think the comforting is my favorite part because that’s when a child screams and cries and runs into your arms. They look for you to give them that comfort and they tell you what’s wrong. They ask you to kiss their boo-boo and cuddle them until it’s all better. The two year old age group is a great place to be. 

My job, because it is predominantly all women that I work with, has a zero-tollerance policy for gossip. I love that too. People can lose their job for gossiping. I think that takes a lot of the work hassle out of it and that’s why it seems like most people get along so well. I have to appreciate the healthy work environment. 

My class lead and the other program assistant are great. Rachelle has been working in CDCs for 17 years. She is from Missouri too and she is really wonderful. She is definitely a nuturer in our room. I’m glad that I get to learn so much from her. The other assistant is Sarah and she is about 7 years older than me and has a one year old. She has so much energy and is very dramatic. Sarah is definitely the more strict one of our class. I hope that as I learn and keep getting the hang of things I can be inbetween nuturing and strict. I don’t like the idea of being one or the other but, being a little of both sounds good. 

Also, because this post has already been longer than intended if you haven’t watched it on Netflix WATCH THE OFFICE. Tough it out through the first season (it’s only 6 episodes) and then it gets so good. I finished the show finale yesterday and I just adore that show. Its hilarious. I laugh out loud so many times. 

Also my dad and sister will be here for July 4th!!!! Yay! 

Until next time…. 


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