Work work work work work like Rhianna 

My feet and my brain are killing me. It feels so great to just relax on the couch right now.

The kiddos in my class can be so sweet and funny. But sometimes they can be too much. I’m also pretty sure kids can pick up on energy just like dogs can pick up on the changing air pressure when storms are coming.

I'm having a margarita

This week The Center has had accreditation inspectors coming. This only happens every five years and had every staff member stessed to the max yesterday. The kiddos either for sure picked up on the stress or it was mere coincidence that every child was jonesing for an all out melt-down every few minutes, even after nap time.

I get off work at 5:30 this week. By 4:30 yesterday I wanted to either do some major duct taping of little mouths, pull my hair out, or straight up walk out. Of course none of these things happened. I kept my cool on the outside and watched the clock tick down to 5:15 and then 5:30… And then got the heck out of there.



Today was a vast improvement. All of the children paid decent attention (as well as a group of two-year-olds can) were easy to put down for nap and herd on to the play ground. We had minimal hitting, biting, and sand throwing. Maybe only half a melt down from the reigning melt-down king.

sarcastic thumbs up

As I said, a much better day. If only I could get Eva, one of my twos, to stop trying to eat everything that fits in her mouth. I’m fairly certain she is part goat. Here is an incomplete list of the things she has tried to eat in the past week:

-play dough

-plastic fruit, plastic taco, plastic vegetables

-plastic screw driver, plastic drill, plastic saw

-my scrub top

-her blanket, her shirt, her fingers

-another child’s fingers in my class

-paper, markers, crayons, chalk

-paper dixie cup once the water was all gone



But, tomorrow is Friday, and also the last day of the inspector. I have also been thinking about requesting to be put one of the openings in the new infant room. I had so much fun observing the newborn room–now might be my best chance before the next PCS season.

This weekend Alex and I will be checking out the local Trader Joe’s and doing a lot of relaxing after our busy weeks.


Until next time…


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