Flat tires, arguments and amazing colleagues

I am out sick today. I called in and equipped myself with sprite, NyQuil and fleece blankets. Since I started over a month ago, I have been battling a sore-throat-heavily-congested-bug. Last night after dinner I started to feel nauseous… Then after I went for a very painful run with my hubby… my body gave in to the sickness. I tip my hat to the chills and a visit from last night’s dinner.

But my co-workers and job are amazing. I honestly didnt want to miss work, I wanted to see the kiddos in my class and my co-teachers. But an hour into my shift I got three messages from my co-workers asking if I was okay and if I needed anything. Never have I ever had a job before now where my colleagues have checked on me when I’m sick. 

If I didn’t feel so yucky, I would bask in how thankful I am for my job and my community. They are truly amazing. 

Something else significant that happened: a flat tire on my car. My hubby went out on Saturday evening to hunt for Pokemon in Manitou and my car got a flat tire. No big deal. He was okay, the car was okay save for the flat. It was fine… Until the next day when we went to go get my car. We couldn’t find the right size tire at Walmart to change it on a Sunday. So we decided to get a tow.

But as we pulled into the lot where my car was parked, it donned on my that I left my keys at the house. By now it was 1pm on Sunday and most auto-help places either weren’t open or closed by 5pm. Manitou is about an hour from our home. 

My husband, the pessimist, started to lay into me about how stupid it was of me to forget my keys and that we may not be able to get my tire fixed in time. I already knew how stupid it was to forget my keys, and how little time we had, and how annoying it would be to drive all the way home and all the way back and still not have my tire fixed. 

I said something horrible out of anger to Alex that I regretted immediately. I was reminded of how much growing up I still need to do and how much more patience I need for my husband. I apologized and told him I hadn’t meant it and that I loved him. He told me he had just been irritated and stressed by the situation. 

Once we were back at Manitou, keys in hand, we found the spare tire after all and were able to get everything figured out. Then we spent the rest of the evening in Manitou holding hands, sipping frozen boba tea and hunting for Pokemon on PokemonGo. 

Once home Alex and I spent the evening snuggled on the couch until we went up to bed. I turned to Alex once the lights were off and said, “Promise you’ll never leave, even if I’m horrible.” Alex turned over and replied, “I promise I wont leave you when you’re horrible. I know I’m not always easy to be with. I’ll only leave when I’m dead.” 

Needless to say, we went to sleep laughing. As I type this post I keep thinking about how even though Alex and I have awful arguments, frustrate one another and challenge one another… We always come back together. 

Cheers to great work places, flat tires and love worth working for…


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