Steps forward, Eevee, No-Last-Name

It feels like it’s been a long time since my last post but really it’s just that a lot of things have happened.

Since my last post it feels like my husband and I have taken a few steps forward. We have finally started to argue less, let little things go and just relax around each other. I find that I have been able to not let house work come between us, and that I don’t worry so much about us. It feels good to have so many days since our last spat. I know we have a ways to go, but we definitely have broken through a barrier of sorts.


The weird thing about being married for me is that I don’t feel like I have a last name. I was thinking about this in the car and wondering why it still feels weird to have a different last name… even though I’ve had a new last name for about five months now. It feels more like I don’t have a last name.

At work everyone uses first names, even the children call us teachers by our first names. I’m just Ms. Brooke. My colleagues are Ms. Stacy and Ms. Roxanne. Even in this blog I only use first names (and fake names at that, aside from my own).

There isn’t much new to report other than that Alex had oral surgery on Thursday and nearly overdosed on his pain meds that same day. It was really scary seeing him so pale and sweaty, with his vision starting to go.  I had never called 911 before then, and I hope I never see another loved one go away in an ambulance. I go back to work today and I’m sad to leave my husband at home–along with the newest member of our little family.


Eevee is a 10 week old Husky-German Shepard mix with one green eye and one blue eye. She cost us nothing but extra puppy food. I loved her the moment her former owner put her in my little car. She is so small, and so soft. Those eyes of hers just make me want to stare at her. Her former owner (to be honest she was the definition of country bumpkin and so was her husband) was giving her up because she had four kids and possibly one more on the way (she wasn’t sure) and to quote her, “the puppy just hasn’t bonded with any of us and you can’t have a dog that wont bond with you.”

At first, this concerned me until I looked up the reasons why puppies don’t bond well right away. Turns out when dogs are that young, they are just busy learning how to be dogs and won’t typically bond the way we want them to. Depending on the breed, certain needs have to be met so that they can bond. For instance, athletic breeds need lots of activity and exercise and to help them bond with you, you should take them for walks and running.


That woman’s lack of research is my gain–we got the sweetest, most gorgeous puppy for nothing. Between the car ride home, and the walks with Navi we took her on, Eevee is bonding with us just fine. She has her spot on the couch next to Alex already and loves to cuddle with me when I read before bed. Navi loves her too, and they spend most of the day time wrestling, chasing each other and stealing one another’s toys.

It’s about time for me to go into work. Until next time…


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