Colleagues, puppies with sass, decisions

I just want to take a second to talk about my amazing colleagues. They are phenomenal–but I haven’t said much else about them since I posted about being sick. 

Roxanne is the lead teacher in our room. At first I was pretty certain she hated me (mostly because I was the noob and just figuring out how to do my job, which I still am but I’m probably not in the way like I was). She has been teaching almost as long as I’ve been alive. She is tall and wears her blonde hair in a tight bun. We call her Mama Roxanne. She has a… Loving, yet no-nonsense personality. Just like a Mama should. 

Next, there is Stacy. She is southern, extroverted and laid back. Stacy is about medium height with brown hair and glasses. She calls herself the strict one and Roxanne the nuturing one but I am not sure I see her as strict. I see her as equally nuturing as Roxanne–but the kids know when she means business, and when she is ready to play. 

Next door, in the room we share a closet with, are Kelly and Tonya. Kelly is a fire cracker with chin length braids, and a keen sense of humor. Tonya is the tall and blonde with tanned skin. I dont know her quite as well as the other three, but she seems fairly laid back too. 

In the last few weeks  I feel like I have really gotten to know them so much better now. I know their senses of humor and how the routines work and how the children need to be cared for. I keep thinking about how I wanted to move to infants because being in Toddlers was so frustrating at first. I felt like the kids were so difficult and the staff, while they were nice and patient with my learning, I didn’t know them. 

But now I have work out buddies and plans tomorrow night for a girls night. I know the women I work with and now I know the kids and their personalities. I’m not sure now if I could leave Toddlers. Until now, I really have never had a job that I didn’t want to call in sick to every day. When the time comes it’ll be a hard decision. 

Also in other news, Eevee is a small dog with a big personality. Huge. She has so much sass. It’s hard to explain how a dog could have an attitude. But she does and I love her. Eevee loves to run and wrestle with Navi, who is easily 3 times her size and incredibly muscular. Eevee will just go up Navi and bite her ears or face or run and jump on her back. Eevee will take Navi’s wookie squeak toy and run off with it, squeaking it the whole time. 

I love that dog, and my job. I love my life here in Colorado. For those who said the first year out of college sucks and the first year of marriage sucks… I mean yeah, it can be hard sometimes. But its also hard to not be happy when there are so many things to be thankful for. A good husband who is worth the work it takes to have a good relationship, a good job with a good boss and wonderful colleagues, a nice place to live in a great community. So far, the first third of my first year out of college has been really good. 


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