Let’s play catch up

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted but it has been a smidge busy between work and day-to-day life. 

This past week was the last week for two of my favorite children I work with–both transfer to a different base and childcare facility. These two kids aren’t always wonderful but I will miss cuddling them and teaching them and watching them grow. 

Maya was one of the children is the smartest and sassiest toddler in my class. She was itty bitty in every aspect but could hold a conversation better than most adults. She has long, long brown hair and big brown eyes. Maya was a master as crocodile tears and fake-coughing at opportune times. The only people she lets put her down for nap are me, and my co-teachers. 

Yesterday was hard because I knew I wouldn’t see her again after she got picked up for the weekend. The other child in my class, Corbin, is just a gorgeous little boy and I think I love him so much because he reminds me of Alex. 

Corbin has curly white-blond hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He is a little parot and will repeat the funniest things. When he gets hurt he will scream and run into my arms. I will miss comforting him and our little conversations. He will be going to the same childcare facility as Maya. I hope they get to be in the same class so the adjustment isn’t too much of a shock. 

Children leaving because they are PCSing or moving up in age or simply being pulled out of childcare is just part of my job. But that doesn’t always make it easier. The children that make me work at our relationship will be the ones I am saddest to see go. 

Maya was one of those–when I came into the classroom she wasn’t sure what to think of me but slowly we got to a place where she came to me for comfort, asked me questions, and talked to me the way she does my co-teachers. It was a special moment for me. 

There are other children like her who need time to trust and see me as  their teacher. In about a month another one of my students is going to move age groups and it will be really, really hard to see him go. 

I can only hope that they all adjust well and that I taught them something. 


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