Just, ugh. 

Today is one of those days where I just didn’t want to get out of the shower. Today is also one of those days when my shower was taken after work.

It’s not that my day at work was particularly hard, and it’s not even that my husband was in a bad mood when I got home. It’s… Just one of those days. 

Lately it feels like Alex and I have really come a ways since March when we got married. I feel like I appreciate him more, I feel more of those gooey romantic feelings than I had been, and I feel like I am less quick to annoyance or anger. It’s been good. 

But today is juat kind of “blah.” I miss home and my sister today. I feel like putting on a chill playlist and laying on my bed. I want to try and soak up the music like a sponge. 

I want tomorrow to start so this moment can be over.  


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