The job, the Gilmores, and…

…And that’s the real question.

My first week of work went great. Really great. The first few days were mostly cleaning up the hundreds of emails that accumulated in their inbox. But by Wednesday I got to learn more about the company (Worley Enterprises and WE Fit Wellness) and what they do.


Worley Enterprises is a contracting company that makes contracts with the military, typically dining contracts with their commissaries and dining halls. WE Fit Wellness is a fairly new venture that is about helping people with disabilities find ways to be fit with either eating or physical activity.

This past week I got to write an article about women’s weight lifting for the blind. It was really interesting to research a topic like that–there isn’t anything the blind can’t do.  I also got an opportunity to be on the radio again. It felt good to be in a studio and to talk into a mic after not doing it for so long. But for once I was the once being interviewed, not the one doing the interviewing.


I love my new job, though. I love getting to go to a job wearing my own clothes and not a uniform, I love getting to talk about future plans and promotions with my boss, I love getting to write and know that what I’m writing isn’t just some dead end assignment for class but it’s actually something real people will get to read. I love that what I have to say, that my ideas are actually being listened to. I love that this job is something I’m good at, even if I have a lot to learn still. There is so much opportunity for me to do things… I can’t believe this is all real. I really do feel a little bit like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. 


The other cool thing about my job is that everyone, especially my boss, is so chill. My boss loves dogs. He gets his very first dog ever and his first guide dog ever on the 30th this month and is really excited. Everyone at my job (all 6 of us who work the office) loves dogs and brings their dogs to work. So, when I found this out, I asked if I could bring Navi to see if they were kidding about bringing their dogs to work.


Friday, Navi met my co-workers and it went awesome. She was so good. Once she got done sniffing everything and meeting my boss she just relaxed and laid next to my feet at my desk. Today my boss texted me and asked if Navi would be coming to work on Monday. I told him if I brought her again I would be sticking to Fridays.

marley and me
In other news… I have been re-watching Gilmore Girls for the 5th or 6th time with my friend (seriously, she’s easily my best friend here) Monroe. I love Gilmore Girls and I’m so excited for their “Year in the Life” thing coming in a few weeks. But what’s crazy is that Monroe liked this show so much that she got her mom watching it. Her and her mom have a truly Lorelai-Rory relationship. It makes me so jealous. It makes me wish I had a better relationship with my mom… but I kind of think I already have a relationship like that with my little sister.

Thank goodness too. I miss my sister so much lately. We talk more than we did when I first moved here but I still miss hanging out with her. But.. Monroe is pretty good too. As for other things going on out here in Colorado, Alex and I have gotten into a really good routine. We both work throughout the week and still manage to get all of the house work done together.


On the weekend we usually hang out but last night we went with Monroe to check out some apartments she is interested in and spontaneously decided to all go to a hookah bar. We hung out and listened to the music and chatted for about 3 hours before it got busy and then went for a late-night Popeye’s run. I had never been there before and it was pretty delicious. It was also really fun to be spontaneous and have late-night adventures. It was a nice reminder that even though I’m married, we can still act our ages. We don’t have to be in bed by 9 o’clock like we usually are.

Until next time…


One thought on “The job, the Gilmores, and…

  1. Nice post Rory. I think we have a great relationship and I’m glad we are close. However, I’m all for continuing to improve if you want to. Love ya!


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