It’s all because of a terrible case of Monday’s

I have been staring at my computer for most of the day today. Between that and calling back the company our office phones operate though, and being periodically frustrated…I just want to get things done. I want to write but for whatever reason, today I have a terrible case of the Mondays. Everyone else in the office seems to be having the same issue.


I have had a productive day thus far–I have gotten the majority of the tasks on my to-do list done. But now that I have had lunch and taken a look around the office to see that I am the only one actually at my desk working… I feel apathetic.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my work and where this job might take me and I have no idea where I would go after this. Into radio? Into blogging? Into broadcast or print journalism? I don’t know. I’m learning a lot here at Worley Enterprises and I genuinely love my job here. But I wish I had a better idea of how much job security I had. I want to do well so badly.


But today everyone seems to be having a bad day… and the bad day is rubbing off on me. Both Jessica and my boss Kevan got their guide dogs today. They are Fidelco German Shepards. Jessica’s dog is named Prada, and Kevan’s is named Onyx. They have been training with their dogs with the Fidelco Guide Dog trainer most of the day. But both of them are also getting used to their dogs, Kevan is getting used to having a dog for the first time ever. While things are good, they are… also tense.


I’m ready to go home. I’m even ready for Christmas to be here so I can go home-home. I have a United flight voucher sitting in my email just staring back at me. For a few minutes during my lunch break I browsed flights in December. Most one-way flights were in my price range. I could book it, fly home and simply drive back with Alex when Christmas is over.  I’m so tempted. I hope Christmas gets here soon. Maybe this is why people start getting ready for Christmas so early–it’s all because of a terrible case of Monday’s.

I'm having a margarita

In other news, I got a handy dandy subscription to a site that sends me a grocery list and recipes for said groceries every Tuesday. The groceries and recipes last the entire week until the next Tuesday when a new list comes in. So far, I have made bunless Mexican style burgers with crispy plantain chips, herb lamb chops with roasted brussel sprouts and pork cutlets with a kale pate` and side salad. Every single recipe has been so tasty and I’m really liking that I don’t have to put any effort into figuring out what I am making for dinner or what to put on my grocery list. That, honestly, was the hardest part about keeping organized during the week. Tonight we are having balsamic Dijon marinated chicken and roasted veggies. I am very much looking forward to a hot meal and taking my shoes off. I want to talk to Alex about booking a flight for Christmas. I want a shoulder massage. I want, as my co-worker put it, “to throw this Monday in the trash.”

Until next time…

The Finger by Ross


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