“Cast all of your doubts and anxieties on Him.”

I had a gut feeling back in January. Some may not believe in intuition or “sensing” things, but I definitely do and in January I had the worst feeling for about a week in the pit of my stomach like something was going to go wrong. 

I have gotten these feelings before, too, and I always pay when they turn up. My gut feeling in January was worse than normal and now, in April, I just really hope this ever flowing bad juju is almost over. On the bright side, I’m learning all about who really is here in my life for me and who isn’t. 

I’m finally doing something I should have done back when I got this feeling–turning to God. Of course I think about God, and I send up the occasional prayer but I haven’t ever truly worked on my relationship with Him consistently. It’s kind of hard. 

I joined a Young Women’s Bible study and I’m really excited to go. I’m hoping I can not only get closer to God, but meet some new people. I have only confided in my husband about this, but lately I have been sad. I’ve been in a funk that I can’t seem to pull myself out of. It scares me to be feeling like this. I’m so lonely and all I want to do is sleep. This seems to be way out of my husband’s realm of advice–which was “well do you want to go upstairs with me and have some alooooone time?” He’s cute, I’ll give him that. 

The last time, a few years ago, I fell into a depression-like slump it was horrible. It was the worst I ever felt and I’m really afraid I’ll be back there at this rate. But what brought me out of it was getting involved in a young adult religious group. It was so great hanging out with happy, Godly, young people. 

So I’ve joined a young women’s bible study. I’ll go for the first time next Friday for a “spring event.” I’m trying really hard to lift up all of these feelings to God, and I’m hoping studying His word will bring me peace and happiness. 

I pray God will bring people into my life that will stay for a long time, and help me be a better friend, wife and disciple. I pray he will take away my feelings of sadness and loneliness and give me strength. 

Until next time… 


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